Celestial Plea

Celestial Plea is the first album from composer and synthesizer artist Gene Newton. The introduction to "Dreamscapes" offers an inner panorama of bubbling lifeforms, a caldron of crickets and swarming noises; the melodic theme, played by the harpsichord, strikes out with heartfelt assurance as angel voices light the way. The path of "Interstellar Echoes" is set by angel voices; a racing cadence and spacewinds quicken the pace, as melodies are handed off and embellished between instruments. Overall, Newton's sonic interpretation of the astral planes (most tracks are titled "Blue Ether," "Angel Dances," and the like) are crystalline, with each sound vividly etched. "Astral Matrix" begins with a cosmic blues refrain played by a lonely flute, then offers a cross-stellar romp to equal that of Vangelis. The album ends with the title track, a stately anthem of victory which could almost be subtitled "the meek shall inherit.


The music on this album is conceived as a spiritual and/or mental journey to that place I call "Eternity." As you listen you might find yourself exploring or experiencing inner realms; flights of imagination; astral planes; the spheres; angelic worlds; or other dimensions. Whatever your experience, it is my hope that the music sets your spirit free at some level and helps to release some of the fears, attachments and tensions you migh experience in your daily life.

Elemental Suite

Artists throughout the ages have been fascinated by the elements. These include the four common elements --Earh, Wind, Fire and Water -- as well as "spiritual" elements such as Ether or Pneuma. I began thinking about creating music to express each of the elements soon after I finished my very first album, "Celestial Plea". Four years in the making, Elemental Suite is my sonic interpretation of six elements --Wind, Earth, Fire, Water, Creation and Pneuma.

Tarot: Music For Readings

I have often wanted to retitle this album as I think it is somewhat constrained by the energy of the words. The Rohrig-Tarot, a deck of contemporary Tarot cards beautifully created by Carl Rohrig, inspired me to create the music for this album. While I have musically interpreted the essence of these unique cards to enhance the ability of the listener to touch their message, the music can as easily be enjoyed and used as a focal point to simply escape the noise and chaos of our busy world. The pace of the music is calm yet full of expression and each listening brings new experiences for the listener.